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The Valour Foundation offers financial support for charities whose work is acknowledged as enhancing the mental wellness of individuals and communities. We’re committed to changing the way mental illness is viewed and treated in the 21st Century - that’s why we partner with a portfolio of charities across the entire mental health space including charities that focus on physical rehabilitation and care to provide as holistic a program of mental wellness support for people as possible.

Grant Proposals

Due to limited capacity, grant proposals are by invitation only. The Foundation is unable to consider unsolicited funding requests and we regret that it will not be possible to respond to these.

Funded Charities

The Valour Foundation, in collaboration with Harris Health System and Baylor College of Medicine, seeks to transform the 2nd floor of the Neuropsychiatric Center (NPC) into a specialized dual diagnosis inpatient treatment and stabilization unit, with a one-time initial investment of $2 million in the first year. The motivation behind this endeavor is to address the persistent issue of prolonged emergency room (ER) boarding times, especially for patients with alcohol and substance use-related conditions, which can extend beyond 24-48 hours. This transformation not only promises to enhance the quality of care but also aims to provide a safer and more suitable environment for these patients while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of care.

The Valour Foundation has announced a £3 million grant to DePelchin Children's Center, with a three-year commitment aimed at expanding counselling services in Greater Houston and reflecting their dedication to enhancing mental well-being, especially for under-resourced populations. In collaboration with DePelchin, their goal is to impact 1,000 lives by strengthening counselling services across various domains, including school-based, office-based, virtual, crisis counselling, and triage, all with the ultimate aim of reducing wait times and improving accessibility.

“The directors of the Valour Foundation are delighted to announce our support of SOS Suicide. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death globally, and incidences of suicidal ideation and self-harm are on the rise across our communities. In the UK, as many as 1 in 5 have suicidal thoughts in their lifetime. When we were introduced to the team at SOS Suicide, we were very impressed with all that they have achieved as a small charity since their formation in 2017, but were also keen to help them achieve their ambitious plans for 2023 and beyond. This includes the opening of the very first SOS Hub in Kenilworth this Spring.’’

The Valour Foundation is excited to partner with bigmoose, a charity dedicated to mental health, with a generous £573,005 grant. This funding will help bigmoose expand their vital services, providing therapy, intervention, and training for businesses to support mental health. Their swift response is saving lives and offering hope in a challenging mental health landscape. Together, they aim to make a significant impact in addressing mental health needs.

The Valour Foundation is delighted to support 2Wish, a charity founded by Rhian Mannings after the loss of her son George. They are expanding their services from Wales to England with our enthusiastic backing. Together, our mission is to ensure families facing the sudden loss of a young person receive the vital support they deserve. This collaboration comes at a crucial time, as mental health support systems in the UK face significant challenges. It's heart-warming to see these organizations join forces to bring hope and assistance to those in need.