The Valour Foundation drives societal change in two key ways:

Medical Research Grants

We fund hypothesis-driven medical research with special emphasis on neurodegenerative conditions, traumatic loss and mental health disorders.

Charity Partnerships

We support organizations across the world who are making a meaningful impact in the mental health space.

Our Mission

Why The Valour Foundation Exists

To promote cutting-edge medical research for the prevention and treatment of mental health illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases, and to offer compassionate support through mental health charities for people whose lives have been so affected.

Our Objective

How we deliver our mission

By offering grants for medical research addressing cognitive, behavioral and emotional disorders, alongside financial support to a portfolio of charities in their work with the ultimate aim of changing the way the world thinks about mental illness.

Our Values

We challenge established norms

We support effective charities

We encourage societal change

We facilitate medical research

We eradicate mental health stigmas