The Valour Foundation grants support to Bigmoose, advancing mental health and saving lives

The Valour Foundation, a leading organisation dedicated to reducing mental health stigma and enhancing human potential, is thrilled to announce its partnership with bigmoose, an exceptional charity committed to leaving a positive impact on the world.


Through a generous grant, The Valour Foundation is supporting Bigmoose’s mission of providing timely therapy, intervention, and support for individuals struggling with their mental health.


bigmoose was established seven years ago with a clear goal: to make a difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges. Their comprehensive 3-point plan encompasses helping individuals with mental health struggles, preventing suicide, and combating homelessness. The charity believes that quick and effective therapy, coupled with open conversations, can truly save lives.


Mental health issues affect a vast number of people, and bigmoose aims to encourage dialogue, provide critical intervention, and support individuals in need.


The Valour Foundation’s grant, amounting to £573,005, will enable bigmoose to expand their vital services further. The funding will be primarily utilised to provide therapy, early and timely intervention, and comprehensive training for businesses to better support their teams. Over the past 15 months, nearly 500 individuals have sought assistance from bigmoose, and their feedback bears testament to the life-transforming impact of the charity’s work.


“We are amazed at the overwhelming response and support we have received from over 10,000 donors. The grant from The Valour Foundation has propelled us beyond our £1,000,000 fundraising target to a remarkable £1.2 million,” said Jeff Smith, Co-Founder of bigmoose. “This tremendous support not only strengthens our confidence but also enables us to pursue even greater plans for the future. We are eager to expand our reach to schools and businesses, addressing the mental health needs of both educators and students in the aftermath of the pandemic.”


Mental health support in the UK faces significant challenges. The NHS Talking Therapies program, aimed at treating common mental health problems, strives to reach a substantial number of individuals. However, the demand often exceeds the capacity to provide immediate support. bigmoose’s swift response and efficiency in providing help within 48 hours play a crucial role in saving lives and offering hope to those in distress.


Peter Goddard, Trustee of The Valour Foundation, emphasised the significant accomplishments the organisation has achieved as a small charity. “We are truly impressed with bigmoose’s dedication to their cause, and we are committed to helping them realise their ambitious plans for 2023 and beyond,” he stated. “The grant from The Valour Foundation reflects our commitment to addressing the full spectrum of mental health needs and serving those most in need.”


The Valour Foundation is actively involved in researching and selecting charities that align with their comprehensive approach to reducing human suffering and enhancing human potential. They recognise the urgent need to tackle mental health challenges and are dedicated to making a lasting impact through strategic partnerships like that with bigmoose.