The Valour Foundation awards grant to 2Wish to expand support for bereaved families

The Valour Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting charitable programmes that focus on the prevention and treatment of people with mental illness, is delighted to announce its partnership with 2Wish, a charity providing immediate support to those affected by sudden death in young people.




2Wish was set up by Rhian Mannings in 2012 after she and her husband Paul experienced the heartache of losing their baby son, George. They left the hospital heartbroken, confused and bewildered with no support; five days later, Paul took his own life. The charity has been providing bereavement support to families throughout Wales who have lost a child or young adult aged 25 or under. The charity’s mission is to ensure that all those affected by the sudden and traumatic death of a young person receive the bereavement support they deserve.


The Valour Foundation has awarded a grant to 2Wish and, with the funding, 2Wish plans to expand its bereavement support services to families in England.


Starting with the border counties between Wales and England, which include Cheshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, and Somerset, the expansion will begin delivering in Summer 2023. 2Wish is currently developing relationships with referral partners in local communities, including hospitals, police forces, and coroner’s officers.


2Wish is committed to providing localised support to the communities it serves and fundraising to support its services. The funding from The Valour Foundation and fundraising in local communities will help 2Wish expand its services to reach more bereaved families in need.


Founder and Chief Executive of 2Wish, Rhian Mannings MBE, said: “When we lost George, we walked out of the hospital with nothing, alone and frightened. Nobody came, no professionals reached out to support us – five days after we lost our son, my husband Paul took his own life. My two other children and I were once again left heartbroken – once again, nobody came. I was determined to ensure this never happened to a family in Wales again, and now through this incredible opportunity, hopefully in England too.”


She added: “When it comes to mental health, there’s often confusion that bereavement is a mental health condition. But bereavement is sadly part of everyone’s lives, and it can become something that significantly affects our mental health in different ways. It’s important to offer intervention early, making sure families are cared for and feel valued when they go through the most difficult times.”


Peter Goddard, Trustee of The Valour Foundation, expressed his delight in the partnership, saying, “We are moved with the support 2Wish has provided to bereaved families in Wales and delighted to support with their expansion into England. At The Valour Foundation, we are committed to reducing mental health stigmas and working with charities that serve those most in need. Our support of 2Wish reflects our commitment to that mission.”


The Valour Foundation places a particular emphasis on suicide prevention, trauma recovery, and improving care facilities. The Valour Foundation’s grant to 2Wish reflects the need for immediate support for bereaved families, particularly in light of recent studies which show the failings of mental health support in the UK.


A quarter of a million children in the UK with mental health problems have been denied help by the NHS as it struggles to manage surging caseloads against a backdrop of a crisis in child mental health, according to research carried out by The House magazine. The UK is also seeing a steady rise in demand on adult services since the start of the pandemic, with over 1 million people in contact with these services each month, which is adding to the overall pressure on the system and meaning many children, young people, and adults are simply not getting the timely care they need.