The Mental Health Symposium: The Effects of Stigma on Care

The recent Mental Health Symposium in George Town, Grand Cayman focused on the effects of stigma in mental health care. The event brought mental health experts and professionals together to address these crucial topics and highlight the importance of combating mental health stigma and working towards a society that supports individuals with mental illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases. 


The symposium, organised in association with Dr. Marc Lockhart and Behavioral Health Associates Cayman (BHAC), was hosted by a panel of experts who shared their global mental health expertise and insights with Cayman – based mental health professionals and advocates. The panel discussion, moderated by Jackie Neil, President of Loud Silent Voices, featured Dr. Stuart Yudofsky, Dr. Beth Yudofsky, Dr. Marc Lockhart, and Sutton Burke, MS, LCPC. 



Dr. Stuart Yudofsky, distinguished Professor Emeritus of Baylor College of Medicine and Executive Director of The Valour Foundation, delivered the keynote speech. Dr. Yudofsky is known for his extensive research and clinical practice in psychopharmacology and neuropsychiatry, with over 50 medical books to his credit, including the renowned American Psychiatric Press’ Textbook of Clinical Psychiatry. 



A huge thank you to Dr. Lockhart and BHAC for their collaboration in making this event successful and for their ongoing persistence in raising awareness about the impacts of mental health stigma, and to all speakers and attendees for their engagement, insight and strengthening of our local connections in this field.