Crafting a Transformative Philanthropy Strategy. Insights from a Seasoned philanthropy advisor.

Crafting a Transformative Philanthropy Strategy. Insights from a Seasoned philanthropy advisor – Rebecca Eastmond


In the realm of philanthropy where resources meet compassion, the pursuit of lasting and effective change has never been more essential. But the path to impactful giving is often riddled with complexities, uncertainties, and a genuine desire to create meaningful change.


This article, published in the 29th International Family Offices Journal, shares insights from Rebecca Eastmond and Peter Goddard on how to create a long-lasting, effective philanthropy plan. Their wisdom illuminates the journey from well-intentioned giving to strategic, impactful philanthropy.


Rebecca Eastmond is Co- Founder and CEO of Greenwood Place, an organisation that unites philanthropists, offering strategic advice, grant management, and due diligence to create maximum impact. The Valour Foundation work in partnership with Greenwood Place and have joined their community of high-impact philanthropists committed to tackling social and environmental injustice.


Peter Goddard, Managing Director of The Valour Foundation, provides a different angle by highlighting the significance of expert guidance, geographical focus, and grant administration. Peter reflects on the foundation’s mission of changing the way the world thinks about mental illness and how a strategic approach can yield far-reaching results.


These advisors underscore the significance of collaboration, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to the cause. Sharing their experiences and examining their philanthropic philosophies helps navigate the complex landscape of modern philanthropy to create lasting and effective change.