2wish’s expansion into England symbolises a unified approach to extending solace and support to grieving families and the transition from 2wish Cymru highlights the collaborative efforts and steadfast dedication in their mission.

The expansion of 2wish into England has been a great success, marking a significant milestone in the charities mission to extend support to grieving families across borders. Previously known as 2wish Cymru in Wales, the charity has transitioned to the name 2wish in England, ensuring a unified presence and continued commitment to providing solace and assistance to those in need. 


First announced at the annual Little Ball of Hope in June 2023, the expansion has seen tangible changes within the charity, with the team building a dedicated support network across key regions spanning from Cheshire to Somerset also including Shropshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, and Avon. 


This strategic expansion, supported with a team soon to reach 37 members, means that the charity is equipped to extend its reach and impact, strengthening 2wish’s unwavering commitment to leaving no family to face loss alone. 


In England, community fundraising initiatives will play a vital role in sustaining support services, alongside collaborations with local authorities, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies. By fostering partnerships and breaking down barriers, 2wish has supported those impacted by the deaths of 72 children or young people under the age of 25 since 2nd January 2024.  


In January 2023, 2wish launched their campaign ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’, acknowledging that whatever industry you’re in, the sudden death of a child or young person can affect you in many ways; it isn’t just ‘part of the job’. By acknowledging this need and offering a safe space for those affected, 2wish has received 41 referrals from professionals in the UK since January, a huge achievement for the charity. 


Emma Kneebone, Deputy CEO and Head of Bereavement services at 2wish said ‘2wish remain steadfast in our commitment to providing unwavering support to families experiencing profound loss in Wales and the UK and this reaffirms our dedication to compassion and healing.